​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stainless steel for o​​​​​​​​​il and gas applications 


Oil and gas applications

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We offer the broadest range of stainless steels to meet the exacting standards of today’s oil and gas industry. Whatever your oil and gas applications are onshore or offshore, upstream or downstream, we have the stainless steel to meet your need.

Typical applications

Outokumpu stainless steel products have been used for decades in various oil and gas applications including:

  • flowlines
  • umbilicals
  • manifolds
  • heat exchangers
  • burners and flarers
  • structural components
  • safety systems

Duplex stainless steel benefits

As one of the largest suppliers of stainless steel for the oil and gas industry, our full range of grades includes our lean duplex grades LDX 2101® and LDX 2404® which combine low nickel content with high mechanical strength.

Not only can our stronger grades provide cost-savings for the initial material cost, additional project cost savings can also be realized. For example, many oil and gas projects require stainless steel storage tanks. When using a higher mechanical strength grade stainless like LDX 2101, which weighs less than a commodity grade, these tank can be fabricated with a thinner gauge–thus saving cost in the overall project’s material and fabrication costs.    

Austenitic stainless steel benefits

In applications where very high ductility, wide temperature ranges, or specific corrosion features are desired, Outokumpu’s austenitic stainless steel and superaustenitic stainless steel grades are often recommended.

Outokumpu's superaustenitic stainless steel grades have shown reliability in resisting highly corrosive environments including sea water applications and for projects requiring high strength.

All of our steels are delivered with world-class technical support and service. Put our expertise to the test. Contact Outokumpu sales to learn more





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