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Improved edge preparation capabilities at Outokumpu’s plate service center in Sweden

NOV 20, 2015    
PSC Nordic, Outokumpu’s plate service center in Degefors, Sweden has a long history of providing customers edge preparation services in addition to other cutting and profiling services. Recently the service center improved its method for performing edge preparation which is resulting in clear customer benefits.

“The updated method for performing the edge preparation is much better in terms of quality and cost efficiency and customers are seeing the advantages,” reports Mladen Perkovic, head of PSC Nordic.

“Customers, who have seen the new process, have been very pleased with surface of the grinding area. Also the new method enhances our possibilities to do more complex edge preparation compared to earlier.”

More than just plate ​

The service center is located in close proximity to Outokumpu’s biggest quarto plate mill in Degerfors.

“It is our advantage that we can offer extra services such as edge preparation for welding, in big quantitates, right from the mill here at Degerfors. This is beneficial particularly for smaller customers who do not have the possibility to invest in own edge preparation operations”, highlights Mladen.

“Also, having the plate cut and prepared ready-for-assembly saves customers time and money”.

PSC Nordic is part of Outokumpu’s European wide plate service center network with locations in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. The service centers offer customers a variety of processing solutions, including plasma, waterjet and laser cutting, bending, machining and welding services. The plate service centers are an important link in ensuring that the customer gets stainless steel formed and finished to precise requirements.
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