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High-chromium austenitic 316plus makes transportation container more durable

FEB 26, 2015    

Finnish Langh Group Cargo Solutions has chosen Outokumpu's new high-chromium austenitic steel grade Outokumpu 316plusTM (Outokumpu 4420) in cold worked condition for their special transportation containers. Container's floor and walls are made of Outokumpu stainless steel due to strict requirement for wear and corrosion resistance. 316plus enables transportation of aggressive and sharp bulk materials. The properties of 316plus allow thinner wall thickness resulting in lower overall weight of the container.

According to Markku Yli-Kahri from Langh Group Cargo Solutions: "The special container can be used for transporting various goods in ships, trains or trucks. We have built these containers with wear-resistant carbon steels before, but the combination of corrosion and wear-resistance of 316plus is better. I was excited to find out about Outokumpu 316plus as it offered even better material performance than 316(L), but the price was lower. In addition handling and welding of the 316plus was similar to standard grades and therefore we could use familiar tools and welding techniques in construction." 

Outokumpu 316plus is a unique product developed by Outokumpu that provides a competitive alternative for 316(L). 316plus contains less nickel and molybdenum and the grade has higher strength than 316(L) even in annealed condition due to higher nitrogen alloying. 

According to Juha Kela, Senior Research Engineer from Outokumpu: "316p​lus was developed at Tornio Research Centre based on customer demand. The Langh Group Cargo Solutions container is a good example where the new grade brings tangible benefits to the customer. Compared to 316(L), 316plus has better corrosion resistance and higher strength while its weldability and formability are similar. This makes it a competitive alternative for various heavy industry and building and infrastructure applications."​​​​

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