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Forta FDX – too good to keep secret

MAY 07, 2015    
Product Manager Sandra Arman spreads the word on why customers who like tough duplex will fall in love with the formable Forta FDX™.

Duplex – strong, but difficult to form. This belief still lingers in the minds of many customers. To set the record straight, Sandra Arman and her c​olleague Daniel Reuithe chaired a workshop in April at the 9th Global Refining & Petrochemical Summit in The Hague, introducing Outokumpu’s latest duplex innovations to the oil & gas industry.

“A lot of people think stainless steel is expensive, but it’s time to refute some rumors. Much has happened in R&D lately – duplex offers great cost-efficiency,” says Arman, Product Manager at Outokumpu’s Nyby mill in Sweden.

Put to the test

The workshop focused on new Forta FDX, formable duplex stainless steel, which combines the strength and corrosion resistance of duplex with formability not available in existing grades.

“This means you can downgauge the thickness of the plate and make smaller, lighter products with a smaller footprint, all combined with the low maintenance of duplex,” Arman says.

This was recently confirmed in pressing trials conducted by the Finnish company Vahterus, a forerunner in plate & shell heat exchanger technology. Arman and her team participated in the trials.

“With Forta FDX, Vahterus discovered they can reach a higher working pressure, which will enable them to expand their product portfolio,” says Arman.
Add to this, switching to Forta FDX requires no costly tooling investments. “The customer gets all the benefits of advanced formability without having to modify their existing equipment.”

Hear for yourself

​Arman​​​ and Reuithe have presented the new duplex grades again in May at the Outokumpu Experience in Berlin. Vahterus demonstrated their new Forta FDX-based heat exchanger.

“I often hear them say that if there were a formable duplex grade, they would really like to try it. Now there is!”

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