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Destia to sell and market Outokumpu’s OKTO construction products in Finland

APR 18, 2017    
Finnish roadworks and infrastructure company Destia has entered a cooperation deal with Outokumpu for the sales and marketing of OKTO construction products in Finland.

OKTO products are environmentally safe construction materials made from the by-products of Outokumpu’s ferrochrome production. Using OKTO products for road and infrastructure projects saves exhaustible natural materials like sand, gravel and crushed stone, and helps preserve groundwater reserves by reducing the need for new quarries.

“We at Destia see that utilizing side streams as new construction materials is a sustainable way to build the future. Not only do OKTO products reduce the use of virgin materials, but they also have superior technical qualities,” says Jukka Salovaara, Sales Manager at Destia.

OKTO construction products include OKTO insulation material, OKTO aggregates and Croval aggregate.

“OKTO insulation material has great thermal insulation capacity, which allows for thinner structures, requiring less labor and fuel consumption during construction. The OKTO aggregates, on the other hand, are firm and durable and thus suitable for high-endurance asphalt and concrete surfaces,” explains Salovaara.

Salovaara says that OKTO products will suit a wide range of Destia’s clients in road, house and infrastructure construction.

“With OKTO products, we can offer high class materials that our society needs to develop its infrastructure while also preserving natural resources and biodiversity. Offering this product range to our clients suits Destia’s overall approach to sustainability well.”

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