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Structure of vehicle seats require material that is light, formable and strong

FEB 18, 2016    
Light weight and a good formability are crucial when you’re working on highly complex structural components of the vehicle seats. Outokumpu presented its expertise on this area at Innovative Seating conference on February 15-18 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Outokumpu ​​​Forta​ H-series in Outokumpu’s product portfolio offer possibilities and benefits for the automotive segment. These stainless steel products are versatile options for lightweight engineering and as added benefit they absorb the impact energy making them safer for the passenger. Lighter weight and stronger material result in lower CO2 emissions.

At the conference Outokumpu experts explained the characteristics of the high-strength Forta H-Series with the aid of actual components, and they focused on the features most relevant for the design of vehicle seating. These include the realization of complex component geometries, suitability for welding and the options for thinner components.

Safe and strong

The Forta H-Series is divided into three variants based on tensile strength – Forta H500, Forta H800 and Forta H1000. While the grades allow lightweight and complex structures, they can also make more room for neighboring components due to their thinner structures.

Claire Heidecker, Senior Technical Manager, Outokumpu, explains: “Forta H-Series components weigh up to 50 percent less compared to parts made from deep-drawn steels. The Forta H-Series raises vehicle safety through the Twinning Induced Plasticity (TWIP) steel deformation mechanism. Twinning hardens the possible weak points of the component, such as welded areas. In the event of a crash they achieve the mechanical properties of the base material. This means that the Forta H-Series can be hardened to a tensile strength of up to 2000 MPa. The material dissipates a substantial amount of impact energy in the process.”

Typical vehicle applications are crash-relevant structural parts such as B-pillars, crash boxes, tunnels or seat cross members. Forta H-Series is suitable for demanding formed parts with reduced wall thicknesses and component integration – such as wheel arches and integrated seat frames.

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