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Stainless making life easier

JUN 04, 2015    
When it comes to home appliances, quality, durability, reliability and affordability are key purchase considerations for consumers. Manufacturers seek for high quality materials – responsive individual service is value added.

Consumers count on appliances to make life easier – and they expect them to be beautiful and long-lasting.

As manufacturers navigate the rapidly changing markets, they rely on high quality raw materials, nimble delivery solutions and competitive pricing. Customized service is also essential in the highly volatile consumer product market.

A new grade for a new ce​​​​​​​ntury

The recent Outokumpu Experience event in Berlin, Germany demonstrated Outokumpu products and expertise. Marked by good corrosion resistance, enhanced deep-drawability, competitive, stable pricing and ease of polishing, Core 4622 drew strong interest from attendees at the two-day event.

A high-chromium ferritic alternative, Core 4622 is the outgrowth of a collaborative process with Outokumpu customers seeking a solution to roping, which can occur in ferritics during drawing or stretching. Particular production method ensures that Core 4622 eliminates the roping problem.

The development of a chromium nickel austenitic – Core 301/4310 – is creating opportunities for when nickel prices are low. With a nickel reduction base, the grade’s formability, corrosion resistance and production costs are comparable to those of the 304/4301 grade. The fact that it is listed in the European Standard is an added advantage. And according to Gabriele Brückner, Manager of Product Development, “the enhanced Core 301/4310 is the grade for the next century.”

Uniquely responsive

Outokumpu services to the home appliance segment are equally responsive. Through flexibility, customization and mastery of highly complex processes, the Service Center network delivers comprehensive service support.

The offering includes tailor-made sheets and discs for the white goods industry, precise order customization and packaging designed to meet specific needs. Outokumpu maintains steady focus on each customer’s individual needs. Call-off orders are processed via electronic data exchange; daily delivery updates are monitored through an online interface. Every customer is assured of responsive service and quality products.