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Stainless artwork celebrates the 700th anniversary of Torshälla in Sweden

DEC 21, 2017    
An architectural artwork, a music pavilion, made out of stainless steel and aluminum, was inaugurated in Torshälla in Sweden on December 13. The artwork named “Till Havs” (or at sea) honors the 700th anniversary of Torshälla, which is today part of Eskilstuna, located some 100 kilometers west of Stockholm. Outokumpu has a cold rolling mill and a coil service center located in the municipality of Eskilstuna employing close to 300 people. “The region has a very long history in steel making going back to the 15th century. To mark this occasion and the long history with metallic materials, Outokumpu wanted to give this stainless artwork as an anniversary gift to the town,” comments Mats Benson, Head of Outokumpu’s sales office in Sweden.

The pavilion consists of three sails that support a wooden scene. The inner structure as well as the inside surfaces of the sails are made out of aluminum whilst the outer surfaces are from stainless steel. The stainless steel sheets, provided by Outokumpu, come with a mixture of dry polished and Deco Austenite surfaces creating an interesting visual appeal on the outer areas. The Pavilion measures 10,5 meters in length, 6m in width and 3m in height.

The pavilion has also been on display in Stockholm earlier this year in May. The artist behind the project is Björn Hammar and it was built by a group of future sheet metal workers from a vocational school in Stockholm.