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Outokumpu news

Outokumpu is part of European joint effort to gear up competitiveness of steel industry

NOV 22, 2017    
European organizations join forces to renew steel industry. Outokumpu is involved in a four-year Morse project to improve products, business operations, competitiveness as well as energy and resource efficiency of the European steel industry. Morse comes from the words “model-based optimization for efficient use of resources and energy”, and the main focus is improving software tools.

In this project, companies work together to develop even better tools for the improvement of steel quality and the management of complex processes, looking for new ways to manage the entire production chain and to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials and to reduce yield losses.

“Outokumpu is looking for new models and management tools to improve the capacity utilization even further,” says Outokumpu head of R&D Mikko Ylitalo. “At the same time, we can reduce the consumption of energy and carbon dioxide emissions. Outokumpu is using adaptive tools and models to improve the quality of our stainless steel products and their right-the-first-time ratio even further.”

Morse is a four-year project, headed by VTT. Besides Outokumpu, other participants are SSAB Europe Oy and SW-Development Oy from Finland, BFI and GRIPS Industrial IT Solutions GmbH from Germany, Cybernetica AS from Norway, MFL steel foundry from Austria and software company Idener from Spain. The project is funded by the European Union together with the participants.