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Outokumpu news

Outokumpu CEO Roeland Baan speaks at Stainless Steel Convention about the producer’s view on the market development and on perspectives for the industry

FEB 08, 2018    
The Stainless Steel Convention in Germany is a biannual meeting for the European stainless steel industry, trade and users that provides participants with valuable insights into the prospects of the stainless steel market and with the opportunity for discussions and networking. The one-day event stretching from afternoon through evening features two prominent presentations by industry and market-intelligence leaders.

This year, Roeland Baan, CEO of the world's leading stainless steel producer Outokumpu, represented the producer’s point of view and presented Outokumpu’s view on the current market situation, upcoming developments and future prospects.

After the opening by the organizer, the industry magazine “Stainless Steel Focus”, the market analyst Markus Moll, Managing Director of SMR GmbH, talked about the key factors influencing the stainless steel market, growth perspectives in Europe and across the globe and developments such as e-mobility that might become long-term game-changers.

Following the analyst’s view, Roeland Baan presented Outokumpu’s latest results and positive development that the company has made since 2016 and talked about the company strategy and Outokumpu’s way forward to become best value creator in stainless steel by 2020 through customer orientation and efficiency. Then he provided insights in Outokumpu’s view on the market and on the key influencing factors as well as insights in the company’s expectations on future market developments.

125 representatives from stainless steel producers, traders and users joined the event in Essen (Germany) this year.

For more information on the event, go to www.edelstahl-convent.de