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Outokumpu advances its standing in the global forging market

MAY 04, 2015    
Last week, in Cleveland, OH (USA) thousands of forgers gathered at the biannual Forge Fair trade show and symposium to learn more about the latest in materials, machining and trends impacting the forging industry. Outokumpu served as a first-time exhibitor at this year’s event, exhibiting its Long Product portfolio as well as providing a technical presentation during the event.

“Forge Fair served as an excellent platform for us to introduce our global capabilities to this important market,” explained Hans Geber​​, Business Development Manager for Outokumpu’s Long Products business area. ​

Prodec raised the interest of the visitors

Outokumpu is well-positioned to support the growing forging industry; an industry that supports a wide variety of segments ranging from oil & gas, automotive, agriculture, and aerospace to general industries. Outokumpu’s offering for the forging market includes Concast Slabs, Blooms and Billets, Cast Ingot, Rolled Billet and Forged Billet.

Of great interest to visitors to the Outokumpu booth was learning more about Prodec®, a special quality of austenitic and duplex stainless steel grades produced

for optimal machinability. “PRODEC is especially relevant to forgers it offers better machinability, allowing for higher speeds and feeds while contributing to longer tool life; all in all PRODEC grades can help our customers become more profitable,” Geber states.

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our capabilities and PRODEC grades to the forgers at this year’s show. In today’s market where everyone is looking for ways to increase productivity with consistent performance, we offer an excellent solution with Prodec,” he concludes.
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