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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Mika Seitovirta: Countdown to Experience has started!

MAY 25, 2015    
Outokumpu Experience will open its door on May 27. Outokumpu CEO Mika Seitovirta is excited to meet the 500 guests in Berlin at the fully booked event.

“It has been great to see the huge interest in this event that provides an opportunity to capture the latest trends driving the industry, and meet with the best stainless steel experts in the world. During the two days we will cover a broad range of topics around innovation, sustainability and material selection, as well as gain some insights on the global economy and raw materials,” he says.

Customer first

For Outokumpu, the event of course provides an opportunity to showcase the company’s broad offering and expertise in stainless steel. The technical seminars in the breakout sessions will provide an opportunity to dive deeper into the possibilities of stainless steel. Extensive demo area is available for further exploration and discussions with Outokumpu experts. It also features customers presenting how they have benefitted from the right material selection.

The program is designed with customers’ interest in mind: “In addition to the interesting external speakers and experts the event gives customers a unique chance to meet our best technical experts from around the world, and get a firsthand experience of our entire portfolio,” Mika says.

The CEO’s own keynote will reveal the latest innovations and advances Outokumpu has made in its portfolio to serve its customers even better.

Stay tuned

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If you can’t be present in Berlin event, you can follow the event on Outokumpu webpage’s Stainless News section and also in Twitter with #outokumpuexperience and as a matter of fact, why wait any longer? You can already now learn about the event speakers and their topics on Outokumpu webpage!