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Outokumpu Experience 2015
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Demopoints generate pulse of energy

MAY 28, 2015    
Industry-leading innovations showcased in 28 “demopoints” are the talk of the Outokumpu Experience underway now in Berlin. From versatile new grades to groundbreaking products, the displays are sending a strong pulse of energy through the group of more than 600 guests representing 50 countries.

Stationed at the entry, a gleaming DeLorean sports car serves notice that this is no ordinary display. In the main hall, stainless steel Miele honeycomb washer drums suspended from the ceiling take a starring role as unique lampshades. Sound, light and excitement envelop guests as they discover powerful new solutions.

Focusing on innovation, sustainability and advanced materials, the Outokumpu Experience is the most anticipated industry event of 2015. Envisioning “a world that lasts forever,” the conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to network, share and discover.

New grade​​s – new possibilities

Core 4622 demopoint is among those creating a buzz. A high-chromium ferritic, Core 4622 delivers similar corrosion resistance, better deep-drawability and requires less polishing than 304L.

Supra 316plus, an enhanced version of Supra 316L/4404, is also causing a stir. Exploring the possibilities promised by a new grade with better material performance, guests take note of outstanding features: higher corrosion resistance, higher strength and lower emissions – at a lower, stable price.

The Forta H500 series of high-strength, light-weight grades rounds out the trio. A display of H-series automotive components boasts lightweight materials, the best CO2 footprint in the category and greatly enhanced safety – and a stable price.

A gallery of framed finish samples offers a tactile experience as guests reach out to touch each surface. Marked by a subtle, sophisticated glow, the star of the gallery is Deco Supermatt. Joined by demopoints from customers like Vahterus and EcoSpray, the display is delivering meaningful discovery at the Outokumpu Experience!

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Day 2 keynote presentations focused on economics and raw material markets starting with Stéphane Garelli, Professor at Lausanne University and IMD. “Where is the money today,” he asked as he reviewed global economic trends.

”I’m taking a look of the various ways these materials can be applied,” says Izidor Marusic, distributor of stainless steel from South-eastern part of Europe working for MDM d.o.o. company. “The flexible pipe at Energy & Heavy Industries demopoint is quite something I’ve never seen before.”

“This is a really good experience,” says Limei Zhang from Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment C.o., standing next to the Quarto Plate demopoint. “As heat exchanger manufacturers, we have been particularly interested in grades Supra 316plus, Forta FDX27 and Forta FDX25.”

Dongxia Liao finds Deco Beads surface as her favorite because of its beauty. Working with buildings and curtain walls for MSC industry technology, she could envision using this decorative surface in swimming pools. “From below the water surface, it would reflect sunlight very beautifully.”

Autofocusing… An exhaust system and turbo charger featured in Automotive & Transportation demopoint.

Lighting creates the space. Chandeliers by Miele and Outokumpu stainless steel, in the form of washing machine drums.