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Outokumpu Experience 2015

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MAY 28, 2015    

​​​​​Outokumpu Experience – the most anticipated industry event of 2015 – is underway now in Berlin, Germany. Envisioning “a world that lasts forever”, the day-and-a-half event focuses on innovation, sustainability and advanced materials.

Packed with inspiring, informative presentations, Outokumpu Experience offers the nearly 500 guests from 50 nationalities an unparalleled opportunity to network, share and discover.

The first day of the event starts ​with a series of keynote presentations lead by Outokumpu President and CEO, Mika Seitovirta. ​​He says:

“At Outokumpu we are ambitious; we want to be better than our competitors on every front. We are working relentlessly to improve our profitability, even though it has required some very painful decisions – like the closure of Bochum here in Germany. But only by ensuring efficiency and competitiveness can we invest in our future – like we do in Krefeld, Germany, where we are investing over 100 million euros into our cold rolling operations and R&D.

For Outokumpu, customer focus is also about making it easy for you to do business. It’s about striving to be the preferred partner; the supplier who, all things being equal, you would rather work with. Another aspect of customer focus we want to excel in is making it easier for you to explore our offering. Helping you to understand the value we – and our products – can bring to your business.”

​ After his opening words, the spotlight belongs to guest speakers – Alf Rehn, Ranga Yogeshwar and Dong-Ping Wong – who explore with Outokumpu Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Pekka Erkkilä, the ways in which innovation and sustainability drive business.

​​​​​Turning ideas into reality ​

Afternoon breakout sessions lead by both industry and Outokumpu experts drill deep into trends and innovations in the segments of energy, mobility, building and infrastructure, and home appliances. The range of applications created to utilize the qualities of stainless steel grades is impressive – and a result from various combined knowledge.

As the global leader in advanced materials with the strongest technical expertise, Outokumpu will showcase a selection of the company’s most recent innovations.

​​​​​Meaningful discovery

A stunning backdrop of displays at Outokumpu Experience demonstrates the uncommon versatility and utility of Outokumpu products. Several customers also have exhibits, underscoring the long-term partnerships between Outokumpu and those who rely on us for innovation, sustainability and value.

With displays featuring the unique Miele honeycomb washer drum, a fire-resistant rescue container for miners caught in underground accidents and a gleaming DeLorean – the stage is set for meaningful discovery at Outokumpu Experience!​