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Cutting, drilling and Kilimanjaro: Aalten customer day treks into new territory

JUL 07, 2015    
Outokumpu's Plate Service Center in Aalten, the Netherlands, recently held a customer day to demonstrate the company's in-house machining services and to introduce its new product categorization. The program also went much further – all the way to Africa, in fact.

Adding value

According to Regional Sales Manager Kasper Kokke, the June 12th event was prompted by changes made this spring to shift direct sales of plate stock from the mills to service centers like Aalten. It was the perfect time to show existing customers in Holland just what Aalten can do, Kokke said.

“The plate service centers each have their own speciality, and oursis the machining department where we specialize in turning, milling and drilling of our cut products,” Kokke said.

Aalten customers have the option of simply buying stock, buying it and having it cut by different processes like water-jet, laser or plasma, having it cut and machined into a semi-finished or finished product complete to customers’ specification, he explained. We, as a Group, can also make use of our stock and plate service centers’ capabilities around Europe.

While the grand tour of the machine shop, and the wide variety of stock available, sparked the most interest among the roughly 40 attendees, they were also curious about other strategic changes happening at Outokumpu, such as the new product categorization introduced at Outokumpu Experience in Berlin this May.

An introduction to the re-tooled system explained the philosophy and how it would be easier for customers to find the right grade for the right application.

Outside the box

The day's program also included non-Outokumpu presentations, such as one by a welding components company that advised customers on assembly techniques.​
At one point the focus shifted completely, thanks to an inspiring talk by a woman who had climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro as a fundraising project for War Child, an organization that helps children living in conflict zones.

Attendees heard about her trek and the struggles and triumphs involved. They also saw a film about War Child's activities.

“This was something interesting that we thought would attract people to think differently in their daily business and daily life,” said Kokke.

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