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Corrosion conference sparks FDX and EDX 2304 interest

MAR 25, 2015    
Outokumpu's newest duplex grades FDX 25TM, FDX 27TM, and EDX 2304 received considerable attention at Corrosion 2015, the global conference for corrosion engineers that took place March 15-19 in Dallas, Texas (USA). At the conference Lena Wegrelius, a member of Outokumpu's technical team, presented a paper highlighting the corrosion properties of EDX 2304. She also joined Mikael Schönning and Erik Stark, also with Outokumpu, in presenting a paper about the new formable duplex grades, FDX 25 and FDX 27.

Even before the papers were presented, visitors to the Outokumpu exhibit inquired about the latest additions to Outokumpu's family of duplex grades. "We had several serious inquiries about the FDX grades," reports Bernd Beckers, Director of Technical Marketing. Visitors to the booth interacted with several examples of components formed from FDX 25 and FDX 27. This interest extended beyond the exhibit to the audience for the technical presentations. "Even though the focus of the presented work has been on the influence of deformation on the corrosion properties of the formable duplex FDX 25 and FDX 27, the audience was interested in the mechanical properties of the FDX grades," notes Mikael Schönning. "People also asked about  the potential applications for formable duplex," he adds.

The enhanced duplex grade, EDX 2304, also generated interest from audience members. "I got very positive feedback on my presentations, EDX 2304 attracted interest from many in the audience," says Lena Wegrelius. "I got questions about availability, price, and product forms," she adds.

Outokumpu has been a long-time exhibitor at Corrosion 2015, an annual Americas conference sponsored by NACE and designed for corrosion engineers. "For me, the most important aspects of the NACE conference are the networking possibilities—to meet people and discuss different technical matters," Wegrelius explains. "It is also very interesting to hear if there is something new coming up in the area of corrosion research and/or standardization of stainless steel," she concludes. ​​​