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Apprentices impress Minister with stainless steel topping-out wreath

MAR 21, 2016    
Garrelt Duin, The Minister of Economics for North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany, the guest of honour and keynote speaker at the topping-out ceremony for the new batch annealing line in Krefeld, Germany, was impressed when a stainless steel topping-out wreath was hoisted into place. The idea for the wreath arose at training course, and the apprentices were determined to turn their idea into reality themselves.

True teamwork

The 4-men team, Fatih Altuner, Yassine Boudhane, David Lechtape and Anil Ozan led by instructor Dimitros Stafylis did not have much time to assemble the elaborate wreath and they showed genuine team spirit and proved successful in the end. The unique decoration crowned the festivities for the new batch annealing line, which is the most visible part of the €108 million investment programme in the Krefeld plant.

Why become an apprentice at Outokumpu?

It was no coincidence that the four young men had set their hearts on an apprenticeship at Outokumpu. Fatih had spent two years attending a training workshop alongside his school studies and had been involved in various projects, building vehicle models. Yassine Boudhane drives from Duisburg to Krefeld every day after his brother recommended to seek for a career with Outokumpu.

“We can use many various machines here to gain practical experience. That’s not the case everywhere”, explains Fatih Altuner.

Step by step into their careers

In April the next milestone awaits for three of the four up-and-coming industial technicians. Fatih, Yassine and David have until then to prepare themselves for the first part of their final examinations. The work on the topping-out wreath was good training for this practical test.

Anil Ozan has already completed this task; he will be taking his final examination in June to seal a solid education as a start for a successful career.

A weighty memento

At the end of the topping-out ceremony, Oliver Picht, CEO of Outokumpu Nirosta, handed the Minister of Economics a mini coil as a memento of the day. This also came from the apprenticeship scheme. David Lechtape, an apprentice in his second year of training, milled, polished and rolled the mini coil, which has now found a home in Düsseldorf, in the office of the Minister of Economics.