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A one-stop shop for tailored quarto plates

NOV 21, 2014    

Outokumpu's network of seven stainless steel profiling facilities located across Europe – Plate Service Centers (PSC) – enables the company to offer customers a full range of tailoring options to meet their exact requirements for customized heavy quarto plates.

"Compared to competing stainless steel service centers, we are unique as we are the only producer with such facilities owned and run by the same company with own plate mills. Outokumpu's plate mills are located in Degerfors, Sweden and New Castle (Indiana), USA. This enables us to provide customers with a one-stop shop offering all the services and expertise they need," explains Gary Eigenbrodt, Commercial Manager of Outokumpu PSC Group.

Outokumpu's seven PSCs provide a comprehensive range of plate forming and finishing services. Cutting options include plasma, waterjet, sawing and laser techniques. Plates can also be bent, welded, milled, drilled or turned to precise specifications.

Freeing customers to focus on core business

"Having all these capabilities at our disposal means that our clients can get the finished customized product directly from us," says Eigenbrodt. "This gives them great cost savings by leaving them to focus on their own core businesses, instead of having to carry out these laborious processes with their own machines on their own premises."

The PSC Group's customers include major industrial firms ranging from pulp and paper machine makers to beverage-filling machine suppliers, who all need robust but precisely tailored steel plate components for their own machinery and facilities.   

Outokumpu's specialized PSCs are located close to key market areas in Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and the UK, but they are all able to serve customers worldwide.  

"Our centers are all well stocked with plates made of steel grades needed in their respective regions, ready for tailoring. This can considerably speed up deliveries to customers," adds Eigenbrodt.

At any stage before or after they receive their tailored plates, customers may contact Outokumpu's Plate Service Centers for information on standards and approvals, or for practical advice on challenges related to welding, pressing and fabrication. "This means they can also directly benefit from the expertise back at the mill and our huge R&D department," adds Eigenbrodt.​​​

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