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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Timo Manninen: New uses for ferritic grades

APR 16, 2015    
In the wake of price volatility in nickel markets, engineers and architects are giving ferritic stainless steels a second look. A three-year research project funded by the European Union signals a new era for a group of ferritic grades, and the findings of that study are the topic of a Outokumpu Experience presentation by technical specialist Timo Manninen.

Outokumpu collaborated with European stainless steel producers, research institutes, universities and design consultants in the Structural Applications of Ferritic Stainless Steels (SAFSS) project. The project developed design guidance for ferritic stainless steels well suited to structural applications. The result? A robust resource for Outokumpu customers. ​

The benefit of price stability

Low-cost and versatile, ferritics offer a corrosion-resistant alternative to many light-gauge galvanized steel applications.

“Before nickel prices spiked, there was no good enough reason to use ferritic steels in construction,” Manninen notes. “But when the volatility of nickel price increased, ferritic grades offered the clear benefit of price stability.”

A unique display at the Outokumpu Experience event will showcase another benefit of ferritic grades: exceptional fire design properties. “Visitors to the exhibition area will see a rescue chamber made of ferritic stainless steel,” Manninen says. “A fire-resistant shelter for miners caught in underground accidents is a very good illustration of the versatility of ferritic grades.”
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