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Thomas Tsang: A solid solution

MAY 11, 2015    
With the largest stainless steel façade in the world, the Ping An Financial Center in Shenzhen, a coastal city near Hong Kong, sets new standards in sustainable design. Thomas Tsang​, CEO of Ping An Financial Center Construction & Development, will speak at the Outokumpu Experience on the choice of stainless steel for the landmark project.

Many modern buildings have glass facades, he notes. “We wanted something more solid,” he says. “Stone becomes very heavy on a tall building and glass is too reflective. We chose embossed stainless steel in an effort to reduce light pollution, and it goes well with our concept for this building.”

Uniquely well-suited

Stainless steel is used in many unique ways in the 118-story building that is slated for completion next year. A v-shaped metal panel in the building’s pier wall runs from the lower part of the structure to the roof.

“To produce a triangular shape, we believe stainless steel is better than stone or glass,” Tsang says. “We don’t treat it as a flat surface; we allow it to show changes of light and shadow. We also use stainless steel in the lobby, which gives a sophisticated look.”

On a project like the Ping An Financial Center, which is targeting the LEED Gold rating, stainless steel is an ideal choice. And Outokumpu proved to be the best supplier. “We chose Outokumpu because of its commitment to quality control and the architectural effect,” Tsang says.
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