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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Ted Toscos: Demanding automotive application

APR 30, 2015    
Stainless steel bar  is playing a big role in the global automotive industry. In his Outokumpu Experience presentation on Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), Regional Sales Manager Ted Toscos​ will explain how stainless bar is moving the automotive industry into a new era.

GDI technology is based on a highly pressurized fuel system. “The higher the pressure, the more efficiently fuel is burned,” Toscos notes. “That increases mileage and lowers emissions.”

Outokumpu stainless bar is at the heart of the new application. “Strength and corrosion resistance really drive its use in the automotive sector,” he adds.

Production engineered product

​Because it delivers lower emissions and improved efficiency with no loss of performance, GDI has sparked interest among automakers around the world.

​“Global emissions requirements are becoming increasingly stringent,” Toscos says. “But this technology has been forecast to meet Euro VII standards that don’t even go into effect until 2020.”

​Production of stainless steel bar for the GDI application is a uniquely rigorous operation. “It has to be manufactured in a certain way,” Toscos explains, “and you really have to know the application to ensure that it’s made properly. It truly is a production engineered product.”

​And that demonstrates Outokumpu’s versatility. “This is a niche within an organization that is dominant in the flat roll industry,” he says, “but we’re looking forward to getting people excited about the opportunities offered by stainless bar.”
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