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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Sylvia Hartmann: Materials drive technology

APR 20, 2015    
In an increasingly mobile world, car buyers demand quality, reliability and state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, they have a strong interest in protecting the environment. New technologies make those goals possible, but not without new challenges.

At Outokumpu Experience, speaking on trends in materials in modern exhaust systems, Sylvia Hartmann, Director of Technical Analysis for Eberspächer Exhaust Technology, puts the focus on the systems’ highly sophisticated technology. “There is a very high demand on the materials used in exhaust systems,” she says. “And the group of materials best suited to the application is stainless steel.”

“The application of materials used in exhaust systems is very specialized. The materials selected must meet the requirements,” says Hartmann, “but over-engineering must be avoided if the end product is to remain affordable.”


Emphasis on perfo​​​rmance

Eberspächer is continually searching for new materials to use in exhaust systems – especially those that can be found at a lower cost with better performance. As one of the company’s leading suppliers, Outokumpu plays a collaborative role in the development of products that have high corrosion resistance and perform well in high temperatures.

“Our requirements are very simple,” Hartmann says. “We need good quality and low cost. This is a highly competitive market, and we know we can rely on Outokumpu quality. They are always thinking about how to improve the product.”

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