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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Stephen Jones: Designed for harsh environments

APR 28, 2015    
Carbon steel rebar is appropriate for most uses. But projects in hostile environments – such as the snowbelt where de-icing salts are used, or splash zones near salt water – demand a product with exceptional corrosion resistance. In his Experience presentation on Outokumpu’s stainless steel rebar, Rebar Commercial Manager Stephen Jones​ will showcase functionality backed up by research, testing and technical support.

Ten years of industry-leading research delivers confidence. “We know exactly how the three alloys we produce will perform,” Jones says. Using a propri​etary model developed by Outokumpu, customers can access that body of knowledge to determine chloride concentration levels at their project sites.

The Allt Chonoglais, a bridge improvement on Scotland’s A82, is a perfect example of a good candidate for this material. Irreversibly weakened by corrosion, the bridge was replaced with a new structure reinforced with stainless steel rebar in selected areas. The project resulted in a bridge with durable construction with reduced life cycle costs.

Leadership in sustainability

An international leader in sustainability, Outokumpu is the only stainless steel producer certified as part of the UK Cares Sustainability Scheme, a certification authority for reinforcing steels. Outokumpu also provides Environmental Product Declaration that allows customers to determine carbon footprint created by their projects.

That type of commitment will be on full display at the Outokumpu Experience, Jones says. “We hope our customers gain a fuller understanding of our skill sets and all that we can provide,” he says. “Everything we do is designed to make their lives easier.”

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