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Expert views
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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Stefan Lindner: New possibilities in light-weight

MAR 26, 2015    
Stainless steel is commonly known for its corrosion resistance, heat resistance, aesthetic qualities and antibacterial properties. Outokumpu’s new H-series holds also other interesting characteristics – light-weight, good crash resistance, high production efficiency, fully recyclable – these are the topic of a Outokumpu Experience presentation by project engineer Stefan Lindner.

The H-series is already generating excitement in automotive industry, where it can be challenging to reconcile the need for passenger safety with light-weight materials. But the possibilities are limitless – and that’s a discussion Stefan plans to launch at the Outokumpu Experience.

“We’ll ask our customers how they could use this material, and offer them solutions,” he says. “What applications do they see in manufacturing, transportation and safety? This is a unique opportunity to share ideas.”


Offering an ​attractive alternative

A non-volatile austenitic material with ultra-high strengths, the H-series offers a ductile material with good properties, formability and weldability. Exceedingly thin but very stiff, it is an attractive alternative to carbon steel and aluminum and is well suited for use in special manufacturing technologies. 

“With H-series, you go into the manufacturing process with a ductile material,” Stefan says. “But in the process, it changes into an ultra-high strength material, which delivers the benefits of easy manufacturing and the properties needed for long life.”

And this is where possibilities are born. “The conversations we’ll have at the Outokumpu Experience are an important part of the process as we design light-weight solutions for our customers,” Stefan says. ​
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