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Ranga Yogeshwar: What drives sustainability?

MAR 10, 2015    
As a speaker at the Outokumpu Experience, Ranga Yogeshwar brings a unique perspective: that of a science journalist with a deep interest in innovation. His keynote presentation – Next Exit: The Future – delves into the question of whether innovation drives sustainability.

“We are in the midst of a very fundamental transition driven by technology,” he says. “We are entering a digital culture that will have a much stronger impact on society, business and people than we currently understand.”

Moreover, ours is the first generation to experience ever-shorter innovation cycles, he notes. While that grants a new degree of freedom, it also requires new ways of thinking about issues like sustainability. “We need a new view of sustainability,” he says, “one that is integrated into the innovation process.”  

Thinking in new ways

In a world with limited resources, thought processes must move in new directions. Yogeshwar challenges thought processes with new thinking: "50 percent of the world’s population lives in mega cities. Instead of just thinking about lighter cars, we should be thinking about mobility. We need to focus on sustainable ways of using our limited resources.”

The grandson of a former director of ARBED Steel in Luxemburg, Yogeshwar says he has “a bit of steel” in his blood. As he considers an evolving world, that bit of steel has an undeniable influence on his thoughts. “There is this sort of continuity in a material that is both very old, and yet marked by incredible innovation,” he says.