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Expert views
Outokumpu Experience 2015

Pekka Erkkilä: The innovation leader

MAY 20, 2015    
Outokumpu is built on a proud tradition of innovation. “We are an amalgamation of historically important stainless steel producers,” says Pekka Erkkilä, Chief Technology Officer in his speech at Outokumpu Experience.

“We put a high value on research and development, and we have a very clear vision that we want to be the leading innovator in stainless steel.”

In addition to strong technical expertise and a constantly improving product portfolio, Outokumpu has an unwavering commitment to the environment. “We want to be sure we are among the very best when it comes to CO2 footprint,” he adds.

The Outokumpu Experience is a springboard for innovation. “We are eager to get feedback from our customers,” he says, “to learn what more we can do to help them grow their businesses.”

Latest innovations in focus​​​

In his keynote, Erkkilä will showcase some of the latest innovations, including an enhanced version of austenitic 316(L), 316plus™ that has better strength, corrosion resistance and formability. “And with low content of the most expensive alloy ingredients,” he says, “it is a win/win.”
A ferritic containing no nickel, 4622 compares well with the austenitic 304(L). “It has better deep-drawability, similar corrosion resistance and it’s very easy to polish,” he says.

Erkkilä will also present the high-strength lightweight, H500. With excellent crash absorption and greatly reduced thickness is a perfect fit for the automotive industry. “It has one of the best price performance ratios of all lightweights,” he notes, “including aluminum.”

All of these products will also be featured in the breakout sessions and the extensive demo area at the event.

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