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Expert views
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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Kari Hänninen: The high-chromium alternative

MAR 19, 2015    
​​​​​Kari Hänninen vice president for business development for Outokumpu APAC is not surprised that Outokumpu’s first-ever high-chromium ferritic grade – 4622 – is already generating rave reviews in the marketplace. As a speaker on the low-roping ferritic alternative during the Outokumpu Experience, he is well versed in its benefits.​

“This new grade delivers improved performance in corrosion resistance and formability,” Hänninen notes. “Its corrosion performance levels are identical to those of austenitic steel, and that makes it a highly competitive alternative to common austenitic grades.”

The new ferritic alternative offers other significant benefits as well. Because of its low roping degree, there is minimal need for polishing after forming, which saves time and money. And because it contains no nickel, pricing is stable and more predictable.


Accelerating innovation​

The result of a broad-based collaborative effort, development of the new grade brings together multiple interests, including R&D and Outokumpu customers.

“For Outokumpu, this has been an opportunity to learn,” Hänninen says. “For our customers, it’s been an opportunity to get involved in the introduction of an innovative new process.”

He expects to see more of that kind of enthusiastic engagement at the Outokumpu Experience. “I’m sure our customers are just as excited about these developments as we are,” he says.

“An event like this will accelerate innovation, both among our customers and within Outokumpu. We’re proud of showing what we’re doing, and we look forward to getting feedback from our customers.”​
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