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Expert views
Corrosion resistance; Sustainability
Supra; Core; Outokumpu Classic
Outokumpu Experience 2015

Juha Kela: Lengthening life cycles

MAR 17, 2015    
​Outokumpu Experience speaker, product manager Juha Kela is utterly captivated by longevity. “I would like to live forever,” he says, “but I’m a realist. So, I am constantly thinking about materials that last forever, like stainless steel. Why would we waste valuable time, money and energy on things that will last only a short time?”
In a presentation about stainless steel tankers on the road, Juha will focus on 316plus​, a new, improved grade of austenitic stainless steel that promises better material performance at a very competitive price. Available for about year, the product is of significant interest to Outokumpu Experience attendees. 

The newly enhanced material has higher corrosion resistance, excellent formability and dramatically higher strength, making thinner gauges – and, in turn, lighter structures – possible.

When structures are lighter, loads can be heavier, and that can cut the total number of loads needed. “In the transportation industry, that translates to reduced emissions,” Juha says, “and, ultimately, to a decreased carbon footprint.”


Collaborating in innovation

And that’s just the start, he says. There are many possibilities for such a versatile product.

“That’s what makes the Outokumpu Experience so exciting to me,” he says. “When people from all over the world come together in one place, we can easily share information and ideas. I expect this opportunity to spur a lot of creative thought, and that’s what leads to innovation.”