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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Jörn Teipel: Matt with Sparkle

MAR 24, 2015    
Product Manager Jörn Teipel is in charge of architectural applications for Outokumpu Nirosta's stainless products and will be speaking at the Outokumpu Experience breakout session with building and infrastructure industry representatives.

"We are asked more and more often by architects if we can supply duller finishes," says Teipel, who references recent instances of glare from skyscrapers that resulted in legislation concerning reflectance in some cities.

Teipel says that most of the glare issues are generally not the result of stainless materials, but are caused by crescent-shaped designs coupled with south-facing glass, which can reflect the sun like a parabolic mirror.

Addressing t​​​he challenge

Outokumpu is addressing the challenge and producing surface finishes with lower reflectance.

"The challenge is," says Teipel, "that once you have a very matt finish on stainless steel it can appear lifeless. You risk losing the attractiveness of the material."

So part of the future of stainless resides in creating new matt surfaces. "We need to develop dull surfaces with sparkle and liveliness," says Teipel. "Matt with sparkle!"

At the Outokumpu Experience Teipel will introduce brand-new matt surface finishes based on the popular Linen pattern, and also talk about solutions to the high corrosion load that Persian Gulf buildings are facing. He welcomes all curtain wall companies and those involved in surface finishes to generate lively discussion as well as interest in the products.​
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