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Expert views
Outokumpu Experience 2015

Ingo Schael: Service centers play pivotal role

APR 23, 2015    
When it comes to delivery of the finished product, the service center plays a pivotal role in project success. Outokumpu’s managing director of Nirosta Service Center Ingo Schael will speak on the company’s unwavering commitment to service center support in the consumer goods and home appliance segments.

“Customers appreciate the comprehensive package of services we offer,” Schael notes, “including short-term delivery, small items, special surfaces, special quality and more. They rely on our expertise to ensure that finishing is done according to their precise requirements.”

Value is essential in today’s marketplace. Outokumpu service centers provide customers with proven benefits like delivery reliability and quality assurance, Schael says, and that translates into a significant competitive edge.

Focus on the customer

Outokumpu is an established leader in its customer-centered approach. “Few other service centers perform at this level,” Schael says. “Just last week, a customer confirmed that for me, when he said that he had never received service of this caliber at any other organization’s service center.”

Offering a wide range of services backed up by extensive experience, Outokumpu service centers are dedicated to superior quality, state-of-the-art technical support and sustainable operations.

“We have a proven track record of listening to our customers and understanding their needs,” Schael says. “That’s what sets Outokumpu apart from the rest.”
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