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Expert views
Outokumpu Experience 2015

Håkan Dedorsson: Proven commitment

MAY 15, 2015    
A lot of companies talk about sustainability. Outokumpu, though, demonstrates its commitment to the environment on a daily basis.

“Outokumpu uses 85 percent recycled content,” notes Håkan Dedorsson in his speech at the Outokumpu Experience. “As a stainless steel producer, it has the smallest carbon footprint in the world, and has been recognized by the Dow Jones sustainability index as the sector leader.”

Dedorsson will highlight the important role stainless steel plays in sustainable solutions. “As fully recyclable an indefinite number of times, stainless steel really is a fantastic product,” he says. “It can always be recycled again.”

Sustainability is also deeply ingrained in Outokumpu’s culture. “We have a goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 20 percent from 2009 to 2020,” Dedorsson says. “That’s an aggressive goal, especially when you look at our position.” 

Impacting life-cycle costs

Outokumpu customers have a keen appreciation of what stainless steel can contribute to sustainable solutions. But it is equally important to consider longevity. “We encourage customers to look at life-cycle cost, not just investment cost,” Dedorsson says.

That topic will be a popular one at the Outokumpu Experience. “We are really looking forward to meeting our customers, friends and colleagues,” he says, “and to interesting discussions on the competitive, sustainable solutions we offer.”​