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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Francois Weisang-Hoinard: Delivering specialized solutions

MAR 31, 2015    
As offshore oil field development plunges to new depths, the industry relies on sustainable solutions. In the Outokumpu Experience break-out session presentation on the company’s involvement in the oil and gas industries, senior product manager Francois Weisang-Hoinard explores Outokumpu’s long-term commitment to innovative, specialized solutions.

In business for more than 20 years, Outokumpu’s delivery to flexible flowline producers  is a good example. Used to transport crude oil from ocean floor wells, interlocked  stainless steel carcass of a flexible flowline prevents collapse at extreme pressures. Extreme demands in corrosion resistance and reliability have required to use highly sophisticated grades and economic solutions

Applications such as flowline, Weisang-Hoinard notes, demonstrate Outokumpu’s unique responsiveness. “We listen to our customers,” he says. “They know what they want, and we help them achieve their goals.”


Demonstratin​​​g industry leadership

In developing a solution for umbilical lines used to control equipment in ocean-floor wells, Outokumpu has invested significant resources in a high-profile demonstration project.

Seamless tubes have been the standard in umbilical lines, but longitudinal weld tubes offer an exciting alternative. “We believe the technology and production controls exist to prove that our super-duplex solution is viable, and even better than seamless tubes,” Weisang-Hoinard says. 

“Stainless steel has long been known for its corrosion resistance properties,” he notes. “But it can be a solution for many things, as demonstrated by current trends in architecture and transportation. We are committed to working with our customers to develop those solutions. We see it as a win/win collaboration.”

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