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Expert views
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Erik Stark: Exploring the possibilities

APR 08, 2015    
Outokumpu’s grades offer more than a material to customer’s solution. Marketing Development Engineer Erik Stark will explore those in an Outokumpu Experience presentation on road tankers and the related use of duplex and the latest innovation within the duplex grades, the formable duplex (FDX).

“In today’s business environment,” he says, “it is essential for our customers to be well-informed on benefits and limitations as they consider replacing existing material with a new grade.”

“By using one of these new grades, be it FDX or 316plus, lighter tankers can be produced,” Stark notes, “and that can reduce fuel consumption, which benefits both the environment and the bottom line.”


Committed to our customers

Through his work at Outokumpu, Stark helps customers learn about new products and features. The Outokumpu Experience, he says, is an ideal venue in which to continue that dialogue.

“This will be a very good opportunity for us to meet our customers,” he says, “and for our customers to learn more about Outokumpu and the variety of products we produce.”

The message he will share is an important one. “Outokumpu is at the forefront of innovation and we are committed to strong technical support,” he says. “Helping our customer is a top priority. We help our customers get the answers they need.”

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