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Expert views
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Daniel Reuithe: Broad-based collaboration

MAY 04, 2015    
In speaking on advances in the oil and gas industry, Coordinator of the oil and gas segment Daniel Reuithe says a highly cooperative effort sets Outokumpu apart from the rest. “When there is cooperation across all business lines and the industry,” notes Reuithe in his presentation at Outokumpu Experience, “that’s when we see the best gain for all parties involved.”

Through highly collaborative technical and market-related activities, seminars and site visits, Outokumpu’s focus remains on optimizing performance and thereby liming cost for customers through development of leaner materials.

“We are trying to help the industry through improved performance at lower cost,” he says. “A big part of that involves reducing risk. Development of sustainable, reliable materials is an important key to reducing the risk.”

Uniquely responsive

In showcasing Outokumpu’s product offering for the oil and gas industry, Reuithe will touch on flat products, material for seamless tubes and high quality raw material for refining. Industry standards like the NORSOK give customers the confidence they need, and Outokumpu is heavily invested in that process.

“Outokumpu is a proven, qualified supplier for the industry,” Reuithe notes. “We operate in a cooperative manner at a high level of competence, and we are very responsive to the industry.”

Outokumpu’s EDX 2304 grade, for instance, was developed in response to industry demand. “It is more economical than the previous industry workhorse and has better properties,” Reuithe says. “We put a high priority on cost optimization and product advancement for our customers.”
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