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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Claes Tigerstrand: Refining a complex process

APR 22, 2015    
When it comes to material selection, the wrong choice can have an enormous impact on a structure’s life-cycle costs. Manager of Outokumpu R&D’s technical market development team Claes​ Tigerstrand demystifies the process in his Outokumpu Experience presentation on material selection tools for cost-effective solutions with stainless steel.

Most steel structures are built from carbon steel, making them vulnerable to corrosion if not carefully maintained through time-intensive and costly processes. Stainless steel offers inherent protection against corrosion, but appropriate grade selection is essential. Easily accessible material selection tools help engineers design with confidence

“Awareness of advanced grades of stainless steel is crucial,” Tigerstrand notes, “as they may provide the most cost-effective solutions.”

A world of possibilities

​​​For a project involving large storage tanks, for instance, corrosion resistance is critical. Outokumpu’s on-demand material selection tools might suggest a high-strength grade of stainless steel, delivering protection from corrosion in a lighter material that also reduces total project weight.

Convenient and simple-to-use, the material selection tools are available online and through face-to-face discussions with sales representatives.

“These tools allow identification of the most suitable grade for a given use,” Tigerstrand says, “and that allows our customers to optimize the selection of stainless steel for a specific application or environment. At the Outokumpu Experience, we want to open people’s minds to the many possibilities that stainless steel offers.”