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Expert views
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Outokumpu Experience 2015

Claes Sörebo: How is Outokumpu innovating?

APR 14, 2015    
In his Outokumpu Experience presentation on product innovations for the power and heavy industry, product manager Claes Sörebo will focus on how innovation is a natural part of Outokumpu’s work for strengthening its customer offerings. Long recognized as an industry leader, the company is known for a commitment to customer-centered innovation – the kind of innovation that routinely delivers clear and measurable customer benefits.

Outokumpu’s formable duplex (Forta FDX) grade is a good example. “Duplex in general is quite hard to form,” he notes. “But Forta FDX has increased formability combined with the high strength in a general duplex grade.”

Other groundbreaking solutions he will showcase include a unique high-chromium grade, Outokumpu Supra 316plus, a new improved austenitic. The Supra 316​​plus promises better material performance through improved corrosion resistance and higher strength combined with good weldability and formability, at an attractive price.​​

Putting the customer first

At Outokumpu, innovation is more than a catchphrase. A recent over 100 million euro investment in Degerfors plant in Sweden will improve product quality, enhance the product program and increase the mills capacity

“Outokumpu always puts the customer first, and that is reflected in the broad range of innovative products we deliver on a consistent basis, like our new high-chromium ferritic grade, Outokumpu Core 4622​,” Sörebo says.

“When customers leave the Experience, they will have a new appreciation of Outokumpu’s knowledge and experience and our efforts to put the customer first“
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