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Catherine Houska: New focus on longevity

MAY 13, 2015    
As global sustainability requirements evolve, there is increasing focus on longevity and Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – and that’s an area where stainless steel truly shines. At the Outokumpu Experience, Catherine Houska, an internationally recognized expert on architectural metals, will speak on the role of stainless steel in those requirements.

“The shift toward LCA favors materials capable of meeting a minimum design life of 60 to 100 years without replacement,” she says. “When you replace a material, you affect the building’s environmental footprint.”


Multi-faceted solution

Stainless steel, she notes, is the most corrosion-resistant of commonly used, cost-effective building materials. “That corrosion resistance equates to longevity, eliminating replacement if it is properly specified and reducing maintenance,” Houska says.

Because it doesn’t corrode, stainless steel maintains its finish. “A material’s finish has a direct effect on the roof’s solar reflective index and energy absorption,” she says. “That is important in avoiding heat islands and minimizing air conditioning requirements.”

Outokumpu stainless steel customers enjoy a unique edge in the marketplace. “Outokumpu provides more information than its competitors and is a UN Global Compact signatory. That allows decision makers to gain additional points in voluntary scoring systems when they are using large amounts of stainless steel,” Houska says, “and that can result in higher ratings in systems like LEED which also has a direct impact on property value.
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