Outokumpu participates in Tank Storage Germany in Hamburg

ENDING NOV 17, 2016
Hamburg, Germany
Booth: A6
Tank Storage Germany

With more than 100 tank terminals, Germany is the largest consumer and importer of oil in Western Europe – the perfect place then to host a trade fair dedicated to the bulk liquid storage industry. Relatively new, the Tank Storage Germany trade fair in Hamburg has quickly made itself the place to be for professionals and suppliers from around Germany and the Baltics to gain new insights into the latest in tank storage.

That's why Outokumpu is proud to present the capabilities and potential our special stainless steel holds for the tank storage industry when the trade fair convenes in Hamburg on November 16-17, 2016. With oil playing an essential role in the energy industry, storage tanks are in demand and thus the need to be built to last. Thanks to shifting specifications as Germany moves away from the DIN system to the EN or American API standard, the opportunity to use new materials has arisen, including high strength stainless steel.

Employing stainless steel from the start results in lower life cycle costs as steel’s natural corrosion resistance means there is no need to paint or coat the tank later. All sorts of possibilities exist that can help customers reduce costs through the use of less material due to increased material strength, or no maintenance costs. At Tank Storage Germany, we'll highlight just what those costs – and potential life cycle cost savings – look like and showcase some of the successes we've had in constructing storage tanks for the industry already.

So stop by Booth A6 and see us to get more information!