IABSE Symposium – Engineering the Future

ENDING SEP 23, 2017
Vancouver, Canada
Booth no. 36

The most durable bridges in the world are made of stainless steel– and for a reason. Forta duplex stainless steel enables the construction of a corrosion-resistant bridge in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. Bridges made of Forta duplex grades can withstand harsh conditions such as marine atmospheres, yet the structures are light-weight and aesthetically pleasing.

The material’s characteristics include:
  • superior corrosion resistance
  • long-term durability
  • very little maintenance
  • high strength to reduce section thickness and weight
  • low life cycle costs
  • improved aesthetic appearance compared to carbon steel

Forta duplex stainless steels provide outstanding material choices for bridge construction whenever durability is the main concern. The two-phase microstructure of duplex combines the positive characteristics of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, resulting in high corrosion resistance and high strength as well as minimal maintenance throughout the life of the structure.

Forta duplex stainless steel is the most cost-efficient option when structures have design lives of many decades.. With stainless steel, you build to last.

Four Forta duplex grades fit particularly well into contemporary bridge construction: Forta DX 2205, Forta LDX 2404, Forta DX 2304 and Forta LDX 2101. As minimisation of the construction cost is a necessity, the range of grades available means that a precise solution can be determined for a particular bridge design and local environmental conditions. Outokmpu’s Forta duplex grades have been proven in bridge projects around the world. Come and meet the Outokumpu experts at the IABSE event, sharing their study results with illustrative examples of successful application of Forta duplex stainless steel in bridge structures. Leave a legacy. Design with duplex.

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