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Strolling over Mediterranean breezehttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/strolling-over-mediterranean-breezeStrolling over Mediterranean breezeThe coastal town of Águilas, in southeastern Spain, welcomes the light of the Mediterranean with open arms. Its bay captures the sea breeze as the sun paints the waterfront in warm hues.
Stainless ensures integrity of MRI testinghttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/stainless-ensures-integrity-of-mri-testingStainless ensures integrity of MRI testingIncreasingly sophisticated medical equipment requires an equally sophisticated approach to construction of medical facilities. A six-story expansion at the Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, is a good example. The new facility features stainless steel beams provided by Outokumpu – and that’s critically important news to patients undergoing diagnostic testing.
Italian wine toast with Suprahttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/italian-wine-toast-with-supraItalian wine toast with Supra
Tracing a stainless value chain for customershttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/tracing-a-stainless-value-chain-for-customersTracing a stainless value chain for customers
Art with a playful touchhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/art-with-a-playful-touchArt with a playful touch
Seven years strong with Fortahttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/seven-years-strong-with-FortaSeven years strong with FortaFlorida-based Sun Hydraulics are leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves. Though small in size – the smallest only 2 inches (15 mm) in length – these critical components are used to control force, speed and motion in massive machinery ranging from earth-moving equipment to bucket lift applications used by power companies to access power lines.
Case Berlin City Palace fastening Europe's largest facadehttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/case-berlin-city-palace-fastening-europes-largest-facadeCase Berlin City Palace fastening Europe's largest facade
Prodec 303/4305 round bar used in motorcycleshttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/Prodec-303-4305-round-bar-used-in-motorcyclesProdec 303/4305 round bar used in motorcyclesWhen you’re supplying parts for a famous American motorcycle brand – known for making tough, reliable machines – material selection and fabrication has to be of the very highest quality.
Durability to brewery tankhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/durability-tobrewery-tankDurability to brewery tankWhen Damm, one of the leading beer breweries in Spain, needed to replace an old storage tank, the strength and corrosion resistance of Outokumpu Forta DX 2205 stainless steel was the choice.
Core 4622 combats chemical spills in portshttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/Core-4622-combats-chemical-spills-in-portsCore 4622 combats chemical spills in portsLangh Cargo Solution has introduced a spill response solution to handle emergency tank spills in Nordic conditions – built from Outokumpu Core 4622.
Outokumpu provides stainless steel for famous La Sagrada Família basilica in Barcelona, Spainhttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/outokumpu-provides-stainless-steel-for-famous-La-Sagrada-Familia-basilica-in-Barcelona-spainOutokumpu provides stainless steel for famous La Sagrada Família basilica in Barcelona, SpainOutokumpu has supplied stainless steel for La Sagrada Família basilica since 2013 in stainless steel rebar, bar, machined components and plasma-cut plate products.
Outokumpu delivers 5,000 tonnes of Forta LDX 2101 to copper mineshttp://www.outokumpu.com/en/stainless-news/cases/outokumpu-delivers-5000-tonnes-of-Forta-LDX-2101-to-copper-minesOutokumpu delivers 5,000 tonnes of Forta LDX 2101 to copper minesOutokumpu delivers 5,000 tonnes of Forta LDX 2101 duplex stainless steel for the clarifier parts of two copper mines. Deliveries for the two mine projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have started and they are estimated to continue until May 2016.