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We tend to favor duplex 2205 in most of our projects and chose Outokumpu as the duplex plate supplier based on their in-depth product knowledge and excellent service.

Mead's Reach Bridge

MAY 20, 2013    

Outokumpu’s duplex stainless steel is used to build the Mead’s Reach Bridge in Bristol, UK.

As part of an urban development project, the harbour at Bristol’s Temple Quay has been newly connected to the city centre by an architecturally exciting, all-stainless steel bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.


The inspiration

The Mead’s Reach Bridge is the result of collaboration between several specialists in stainless steel. It was designed by London-based Niall McLaughlin Architects alongside artist, Martin Richman. The steel bridge was then engineered and fabricated by m-tec in the UK. It was made from duplex 2205 stainless steel plate sourced from Outokumpu.

The steel bridge is a 55-metre arc across the river. It makes inventive use of stainless steel, with stainless plates forming the steel bridge deck and perforated flanks to allow interplay of light and reflection off the water. Its purpose is to underscore the relationship of the structure with its surroundings.


The practicalities

The engineering, fabrication and construction of the steel bridge were all equally innovative. Engineered by m-tec’s Design Team, the steel bridge was fabricated in eight sections at the company’s plant in Darwen, Lancashire. The sections were then welded together and polished on site in Bristol. It took one of the largest cranes in Europe to lift the 75-tonne steel bridge into place in August 2009.

m-tec works with public artists, architects and urban renewal specialists to turn stainless steel into artwork and structures that help to re-design and re-define space. With the Mead’s Reach Bridge, m-tec expands its portfolio to stainless steel bridges.

Duplex 2205 was chosen by m-tec to provide the necessary corrosion resistance, because of Bristol’s maritime climate. The duplex grade was also chosen because of its high strength. The company says that they tend to favor duplex 2205 in most of their projects.


Why Outokumpu?

m-tec chose Outokumpu as the duplex plate supplier based on their experience working with Outokumpu over a number of years. An m-tec representative cites Outokumpu’s in-depth product knowledge and excellent service as reasons for working with them.

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