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Energy & heavy industries
Customer views
Corrosion resistance; Weight savings
Outokumpu Pro; Forta
"Cooperation with Outokumpu has been excellent, which makes big projects like this easier."

Big tanks get lighter with duplex

MAY 08, 2013    

​Japrotek, a Finnish-based maker of agitators, pressure vessels and large tanks, is among a growing group to be convinced of the benefits of Outokumpu stainless steel for storage tanks. The company decided to replace carbon steel with a combination of austenitic and lean duplex grades.​

A visit to Outokumpu convinces

Originally Japrotek's end-customer had selected carbon steel as their chosen material. "Japrotek visited our site in Avesta during another project. We presented duplex tank applications and a new tool to calculate and compare different materials to show all the benefits that duplex stainless steel gives in a tank application," tells Pekka Heinonen, Country Sales Manager, HPSA at Outokumpu. In the material selection phase, with the help of this tool, Outokumpu can demonstrate and put on the table cold facts of material choices.

The numbers don't lie

The tank thickness calculation tool showed to Japrotek all the relevant parameters: weight and thickness as well as welding, finishing and, last but not least, maintenance costs. This made it possible to make an informed decision based on lifecycle costs, rather than just on initial current investment cost. After the visit, Japrotek showed the numbers to the end customer, who was convinced. The use of lean duplex reduces the tank weight, and use of stainless steel significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Ideal for big tanks

"The main reasons for switching to stainless steel were longer lifecycle time and lower maintenance costs as well as the good properties of LDX 2101® that makes it ideal for big tanks," says Stig Sandström, Sales Manager at Japrotek. "The good product information we received at the Outokumpu site made us think about new options for the material. Cooperation with Outokumpu has been excellent, which makes big projects like this easier."


  •  Austenitic grade 304L
  •  Lean duplex grade Outokumpu LDX 2101®
  •  150 tonnes of stainless steel coil


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