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“Our goal is to minimize the costs involved in the polishing of our stainless steel utensils by choosing a material and process that reduces the required man-hours. The use of 2R2 surface enabled us to experience significant improvement in the deep drawn product surface finish before final polishing.”
Vishal Bohra
Pradeep Stainless, Indian Stainless Steel Utensils Manufacturer

2R2 delivers high productivity during polishing process

NOV 26, 2014    

Outokumpu 2R2 surface was chosen to be the base material used for Indian Pradeep's stainless steel catering utensils.

The catering segment has tough requirements when it comes to durability, hygiene and corrosion and heat-resistance. The ultra-smooth and mirror-like 2R2 surface provides an exceptionally hygienic surface. This surface feature significantly reduces the chance for dirt, bacteria and corrosive substances to attach on to the stainless steel – making 2R2 ideal for the catering segment's use.

Selecting the ideal surface

Pradeep Stainless' product range includes a wide selection of kitchen utensils, pots and pans, water boilers and other catering equipment. The company has always prided itself on quality and innovation which maintains its competitiveness.

Throughout its history of over 30 years, Pradeep was constantly searching for a product that can minimize their cost involved in the polishing process of their products. Until couple years ago, Pradeep Stainless came to the decision that 2R2 finish would be the optimal base material for some of their products.

Mutual trust

Pradeep had made tests with mirror-polished coils from other companies but had not achieved the desired level of competitive advantage. Outokumpu has been supporting Pradeep Stainless with 304L material to meet their requirements for deep-drawability and polishing. It is the strong relationship and mutual trust established over the course that lead to Pradeep's use of Outokumpu 2R2 finish.

Significant improvement in deep drawability​

After the ​use of 2R2, Pradeep Stainless had experienced significant improvements in deep-drawability, with major reduction in man hour and cost involved in the polishing process.

​Pradeep Stainless would like to shift their production that carries similar requirements to 2R2. They believe that 2R2 finish promises an exciting opportunity for them to gain more competitive advantage in the catering utensils industry. ​


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