​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Outokumpu Experience 2015​ program​


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Day 1, May 27

Day 2, May 28

Opening words and keynote
Mika Seitovirta President and CEO, Outokumpu
Keynote presentations:​

Dangerous ideas – challenging business innovation
Alf Rehn, Management Professor, Business Thinker and Author
Next exit future - Does innovation drive sustainability?
Ranga Yogeshwar, Producer, Leading Author and Speaker on innovation and related themes
Innovations in architecture – beyond sustainability
Dong-Ping Wong, Architect and Partner, Family New York

Stainless steel innovations – new opportunities
Pekka Erkkilä​, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Outokumpu
Lunch • 1-on-1 meetings • Networking and presentations in the showroom area
Breakout sessions:​
Automotive & transportation
Salvatore Mirabile
, Outokumpu
Stainless steel – future lightweight fuel tank
Stefan Schuberth​, Outokumpu
Future market demands in automotive industries
Angel Ramirez, Faurecia Germany
Material technology trends in modern car exhaust systems
Sylvia Hartmann​​, Eberspächer Germany
Break for coffee • 1-on-1 meetings • Networking in the showroom area
Outokumpu H-series – new possibilities for light weight
Stefan Lindner, Outokumpu
On the road with stainless steel tankers
Erik Stark, & Juha Kela Outokumpu
Moving the automotive world with stainless bar
Ted Toscos​​​, Outokumpu
Building & infrastructure
Gert Weiß
, Outokumpu
Matt with sparkle – new surface finishes for architectural applications
Jörn Teipel, Outokumpu
Changing global sustainability requirements increasingly necessitate stainless steel
Catherine Houska, TMR USA
Ping'An finance center – the largest stainless steel facade in the world
Florence Chan​, KPF China & Thomas Tsang​, Shenzhen Ping'An Finance Center Construction Development
Break for coffee • 1-on-1 meetings • Networking in the showroom area
Recent developments with stainless steels for structural design
Hans Groth​ & Timo Manninen, Outokumpu
Market outlook for Building & Infrastructure
Markus Moll, SMR Austria
The benefits of using stainless steel rebar
Stephen Jones, Outokumpu
Energy & heavy industries
Poul-Erik Arnvig, Outokumpu
Market outlook for Energy & Heavy industries
Markus Moll, SMR Austria
Developments and presence in Oil and Gas industries
Daniel Reuithe & Francois Weisang-Hoinard, Outokumpu
High performance stainless steel, a key ingredient for the chemical process technology
Jürgen Korkhaus, BASF Germany (retired)
Break for coffee • 1-on-1 meetings • Networking in the showroom area
Product innovations for the chemical and heavy industry
Claes Sörebo, Outokumpu
Material selection tools on demand for cost effective solutions with stainless steel
Claes Tigerstrand, Outokumpu
Sustainable solutions with stainless steel
Jim Augustsson & Håkan Dedorsson​​, Outokumpu
Home appliances
Sven van Zoest
, Outokumpu
Outokumpu's service center support to consumer goods and home appliance
Ingo Schael, Outokumpu
Stainless martensitic steels for high quality cutlery and surgical instruments
Daniel Krebs, Stahl Krebs Germany
Market outlook for Home Appliances & Consumer Goods
Markus Moll, SMR Austria
Break for coffee • 1-on-1 meetings • Networking in the showroom area
Trends in stainless steel grades. Driving the appliance industry.
Javier Avila, Outokumpu
High Chromium, low roping ferritic alternative for home appliances
Kari Hänninen, Outokumpu APAC
Low Nickel austenitic – a cost efficient alternative to 4301/304
Gabriele Brückner, Outokumpu
1-on-1 ​customer meetings
Dinner and evening program

Day 2, May 28

Opening of day 2​
Keynote presentations:

Global economic and business environment in 2015 and beyond
Stéphane Garelli, Professor at Lausanne University and IMD

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​Stainless steel raw materials: outlook and impact on the stainless steel value chain
Jim Lennon, Managing Director, Red Door Research Ltd and Senior Consultant to Macquarie Research

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Break for coffee • 1-on-1 meetings • Networking in the showroom area
Keynote presentations:

Navigating market trends and volatility: experiences in alloy surcharge and pricing options
Paul Schlimgen​, Vice President, Commercial Head of Outokumpu Nirosta

Capturing the trends and developments: Panel discussion
Moderators from the breakout sessions on Day 1 recap and evaluate the discussions

Closing words
Mika Seitovirta​, President and CEO, Outokumpu

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