Outokumpu ​Radionox®

​Boronated stainless steel for fuel transport/storage

Outokumpu ​Radionox® is an austenitic stainless steel additionally alloyed with boron for the nuclear industry. The steel is highly used as a shield material, e.g. in racks and vessels functioning as storage or transport for spent nuclear fuel rods.


Radionox grades show good general corrosion resistance due to the chemical composition. The fine distribution of boron precipitates ensure a high absoption cross section for thermal neutrons.

Product and mill finish

Outokumpu Radionox is available as hot rolled austenitic stainless steel plate alloyed with boron in solution annealed and quenched condition. The working temperature is between -10°C and +300°C. The surface finish is 1D according to EN 10088-02 (2005).

Heat treatment

Outokumpu Radionox is solution annealed at 1040 – 1100°C and quenched in water or moving air.


Outokumpu Radionox grades are weldable with the normal heat input for austenitic Cr-Ni stainless steels. The material can be welded without cracks by TIG welding, with and without filler metal, as well as manual metal arc welding. Suitable filler metal is 1.4316 / 308L type or 1.4430 / 316L type.