​​​​​​​​Stainless steel surface finishes


We offer a wide range of surface finishes for enhanced product appeal and functional applications. Whether straight from the mill or further processed by our service centres, our products come with industry-leading quality.

Surface finishes count for more than just aesthetic considerations, as surface quality or surface finish also affects the material´s sensitivity to corrosion and its cleanability.

Cold rolled surface finishes

By means of further rolling of the steel in a cold state, both its surface smoothness and thickness accuracy are improved. Since stainless steel is cold hardened, that is, it is hardened by the cold-working process, it has to be annealed after the rolling so as to regain its softness and working characteristics. This is most often carried out in an ordinary air atmosphere, which again results in an oxide that has to be removed by pickling in an acid bath.

Most surfaces can be temporarily protected by a removable plastic film which is applied before delivery.

Further finishing actions are outlined in the chart below:


Mechanically descaled and pickled - 2E

Re-rolling, profile-rolling, tubular products, structural hollow sections

Annealed and pickled finish - 2D

​Process industry and structural applications, Industrial equipment, pipes and tubes for the process industry

​Skin passed finish 2B​E.g. tanks and process equipment in the food industry, where hygiene is important
Bright annealed finish 2R(BA) E.g. household equipment, where appearance and hygiene are important, and appliances (dish washers, washing machines) and for precision strip
Bright pickled 2BB Household equipment, where appearance and hygiene are important, and appliances (dish washers, washing machines)
​2H work hardened​Agricultural machinery components, building elements / hollow sections, electronic components, equipment casings and housings , tool parts, wear parts
​Polished ​Where appearance and hygiene are important: commercial kitchens, household cooking vessels, sanitary facilities, hospital equipment, and kick-plates
​Brushed ​Where appearance is important: buildings (sheet metal cladding, elevator interiors), vehicles (car hub caps, wall panels for trains), home (sinks)
​Deco and patterned Where appearance is important: elevators, doors, escalators, cladding, wall panels, sinks, refrigerators
​Fingerprint resistant ​Where appearance is important: elevators, refrigerators


 Surface finishes for stainless steel

Surface finishes for stainless steel

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Hot rolled plate and sheet surface finishes

All steel plate and sheet is hot-rolled as a first rolling step, after which it is annealed in order to attain homogeneous material characteristics. Annealing produces an oxide on the steel, which is removed by shot blasting and by pickling in an acid bath.

As a result of these manufacturing operations, the steel acquires a relatively coarse, matt grey surface denoted 1D, with an Ra value in the order of 2-8 µm; depending on steel grade and some process parameters. Localised grinding marks may appear on plate material, but have no practical implications for the use of the steel. Hot rolled plate of this finish is mostly used for heavy process equipment and in thickness from around 5 mm and upward.

 Stainless steel surface finish downloads

Stainless steel surface finish downloads

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