​​​​​​​Cut to length​​

​Cut to length

High performance and flexibility are the hallmarks at our dedicated stainless steel cut-to-length line.

Our cut-to-length machine, manufactured by Red Bud Industries in the United States, uses a precision grip feed system for consistent tolerances and precision.

In addition, our Herr Voss 5 high-precision roller leveller is a​n important component to ensure we meet the customer’s exacting flatness and other quality requirements.​

Specialist engineers maintain this precision machinery to ensure our turnaround times and quality are among the best in the industry.

Our cut-to-length line capabilities:

  • Thickness Range – 0.50mm to 3.00mm thick up to 1500mm wide
  • Length – from 200mm sheets to 6250mm plates
  • Length Tolerance – 1.00mm for every 3000mm cut
  • Mandrel capacity up to 10500kg
  • Tight diagonal tolerance within 1.00mm for every 3000mm​​
  • Application of various quality PE coatings edge to edge.​​​​​​​

Cutting to length