​​​​​​Coil polishing​​

Coil​ polishing

We have experience in a range of surface treatments for different industries and environments and we are able to provide our customers with a superb range of finishes and textures, at various levels of reflectivity.

At our coil service centres in Australia, polishing or brushing are an integral part of our surface treatment processes. Our coil polishing line has been manufactured by IMEAS of Italy – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polishing and brushing machinery.

We can modify and tightly control the critical parameters of the line, such as brightness, roughness and reflectivity, to achieve the exact​ desired polished finish for the customer.​

Our coil polishing line has a 10 tonne coil-to-coil capacity with twin head dry belt polishing. In addition, the line has three-head heavy duty brushing units, which are uniquely able to polish from the nose to tail of the coil to maximize coil yield. These oscillating brushing heads offer an enhanced brushed finish and numerous combinations of both polishing and brushing, to suit a wide variety of applications. We also offer the optional application of PE coating from edge to edge on both sides of the coil with paper interleaved for all recoils.

Our line achieves a wide range of surface roughness (Ra) from 0.90 micron down to 0.20 micron. This is especially important where high resistance to tea staining and high levels of hygiene are important.​ Coils are polished to meet strict client weight or length requirements and edge tracking ensures no telescoping.​​​

Coil polishing