​​​​​​​​​​Plasma cutting​ services at Kunshan service center, China

We offer cutting-edge plasma cutting equipment for all types of stainless steel.

Our plasma cutting machine and burner, located at the Kunshan facility in China is an ideal choice when looking to process large batches of thick material with speed and precision.

The plasma cutting line can handle various stainless steel grades with a thickness between 3 and 150 millimeters. In most cases, cutting takes place underwater.

Developed for stainless steel and other alloys, plasma cutting uses hot plasma energy to remove molten metal. Our expertise in plasma cutting means a guaranteed high level of quality, especially for flat and straight plate-steel components.

Plasma cutting techniques are both fast and cost-efficient, using CAD/CAM technologies to optimize machining and processing and productivity.​

Plasma cutting machine capabilities

​​Thickness range (mm)​Cutting length (mm) Cutting width (mm)​
3 - ​150 mm​​max. 15000 ​mm​max. 3500 mm

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