​​​​​​​​​​​​​Laser c​utting​​​ services at Kunshan service center, China

For cut-to-shape needs, our plate service center in Kunshan, China brings customers some of the most advanced laser cutting technologies and techniques.

We offer the ability to produce apertures and intricate components with clean edges to incredible accuracy.​

When time and precision are important our high-speed lasers can cater for today’s demands to process thinner gauge materials.

Outokumpu’s top-of-the-range laser cutter can operate and cut stainless steel at any thickness between 1 and 25 millimetres. This exceptional accuracy leads to more efficiently made components for Asian and Chinese customers.​​

The results mean minimum reworking, improved quality and automatic stacking facilities on standard size sheets.​

Laser cutting machine capabilities

​​​Thickness range (mm)​Cutting length (mm) Cutting width (mm)
​1 - 25 mm​​max. 6226 mm​max. 2​340 mm

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